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Current alerts and important bank messages

We are committed to providing you with a convenient, safe and secure banking experience.  As a part of our commitment, look here for updates on current alerts and important bank messages.

9/12/2017 - Equifax recently reported a data breach.  Here are some resources to help you learn more:

Your account security and protecting your personal information is important to us.

Help us help you keep your financial data secure.

What we do

  • Our 24/7 monitoring programs continually review accounts for potential fraudulent activity. If we detect suspicious activity, Civista FraudEYE alerts you by email, phone or text to verify that you did conduct the transaction. Learn More
  • We reissue compromised debit cards.  When the bank is notified by MasterCard® of cardholders whose card information is compromised, we immediately notify affected customers with replacement card information.  By replacing compromised cards, we can help reduce fraudulent transactions.

What you can do

  • Monitor your accounts regularly.  It is important to monitor your accounts and contact us immediately at 1-800-604-9368 if you see any suspicious transactions.  Did you know you can review your account balances and transactions daily using any of the following free services?
        Civista Online Banking
        Mobile App
        Civista Telephone Banking
  • Contact the Bank with any updates to your email and mobile and home phone numbers.  Having your current information on file helps us contact you quickly should we detect potential fraud.
  • Do not provide your secure financial information over the phone or internet if you are unsure who is asking for it.  Contact the bank directly by calling the number on the back of your debit card or stop in your local branch to speak with someone in person.  Remember, the bank will never call or email you asking for non-public information.  Assume unsolicited calls, texts or emails are fraudulent.

For additional security tips and identity theft information, visit our Security Center.

8/31/2017 Is your browser and operating system current?  
Check for continued compatibility to avoid service disruption.

As part of our enhanced security protocols, non-supported mobile banking operating systems and website browsers using Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.0) may be unable to access our websites and mobile banking appUse of unsupported browsers and operating systems can create potential security vulnerabilities and limited functionality.

If you experience difficulty connecting, please upgrade your browser or mobile operating system to a compatible version:

CB-Mobile Banking App
iOS 9.1 or higher
Android 4.4 or higher

Mobile Banking Browser
iOS 9.1 or higher
Android 4.4 or higher
Windows 10 or higher

Online Banking, Bill Pay and Civista Bank website: current version of the following compatible browsers
Internet Explorer
MS Edge
Google Chrome

Questions?  Contact our electronic banking team at 1.844.842.0268 

Beware of Suspicious Phishing Emails

Phishing occurs when a fraudulent email originates from someone pretending to be a trustworthy entity.  The email is designed to lure the victim to reveal personal information such as confirming your bank account number, logins and passwords, PIN numbers, social security number, credit/debit card numbers or other personal information.

If you receive an email that seems suspicious, please delete the message and do not click on any links or attempt to open any attachments.  Please remember that Civista Bank will never contact you asking for your card number, PIN, social security number, or account password to validate a transaction.

If you have taken action in response to a suspicious email and suspect your account may be at risk, or if you detect fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us immediately:  1-888-383-5133

For more tips on protecting yourself from fraud, please see our Security Center.

Security Bulletins and Alerts

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