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 We are committed to providing you with a convenient, safe and secure banking experience.  As a part of our commitment, look here for updates on current alerts and important bank messages.




Data Breaches can occur at anytime.
Help us help you keep your financial data secure.

What we do

  • Our monitoring programs continually review accounts for fraudulent activity and we contact customers when suspicious activity is detected to verify that you indeed conducted the transactions.
  • We reissue compromised debit cards.  When the bank is notified by VISA® of cardholders whose card information is compromised, we immediately notify affected customers with replacement card information.  By replacing compromised cards, we can help reduce fraudulent transactions.

What you can do

  • Monitor your accounts regularly.  It is important to monitor your accounts and contact us immediately at 1-800-604-9368 if you see any suspicious transactions.  Did you know you can review your account balances and transactions daily using any of the following free services?
    NetTelleronline banking
    Mobile App
    InTouch Telephone banking
  • Do not provide your secure financial information over the phone or internet if you are unsure who is asking for it.  Contact the bank directly by calling the number on the back of your debit card or stop in your local branch to speak with someone in person.  Remember, the bank will never call or email you asking for non-public information.  Assume unsolicited calls, texts or emails are fraudulent.

Your account security is very important to us.  Please see our Security Center for additional information on protecting your identity.


Security Bulletins and Alerts

Email Fraud Wire Transfer Alert
Phishing and Identity Protection Scams on the Rise
Better Business Bureau:  Watch for Scams Following Target Data Breach
Smartphone Malware Safety Tips

For additional security tips, visit our Security Center.